Let It Go

There’s a lot to be said about that damn Disney Frozen song. I tend to carry a lot of hate and anger with me all the time and it leads to incredible stress and back aches. I spend so much time focusing on on other people that I don’t realize that i’m falling behind. Im reading #Girlboss right now and there is an entire chapter dedicated to hating people. All about how we hate people so much that we are going to make them successful. Because we lose track of what we’re doing. Do you think that big bully from the 8th grade still thinks about you. Do you think that stupid guy that cheated on you carries that around with him everyday. Or that girl you like to call bad names? You know the one I’m talking about. The girl that got really fit and talks to your crush all the time. That girl. Stop worrying about her and get your ass to the gym.

A lot can be said about the people that bitch and moan all the time. The other day I was hiking in Hollywood (so LA) and all these skinny bitches were around me in their damn yoga pants, booty shorts and crop tops. And I was hating so bad that I didn’t even want to hike. I couldn’t focus on anything other then hating them. And then I thought…why? Why am I hating. Im obviously not working as hard. So I told myself that I better start working as hard as I hate…cause then I could justify it all . lol. But in reality what about calling someone else fat or a bitch makes us feel better. Even if we don’t say it out loud that shit is not healthy for us. Where does all of this jealousy come from and why do we carry it with us wherever we go?

“I also think you can end up ignoring, and even losing, the positive things in your life by focusing too much on the negative. That’s a huge drain, as well as a waste of time. When you think about people, you give them power” – Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss¬†

So here is my Let It Go project being put into action.

1. Let it The F*** Go:

So that girl is skinny now. What are you going to do about it? And dont call her a bitch. Go to the gym. Workout and get your own fit body. Stop hating on others for something that you refuse to work for. And that’s for anything in life. Just Let It Go. That hate is heavy and weighing you down.

2. Stop putting people down.



3. Hustle

Great things don’t happen to people that wait….they happen to people that work their asses off. So get workin! It can be difficult to find the motivation you need to get going. But starting is the hardest part. Don’t stop, too many do and will never know the potential they might have had if they kept going.

Action Item: Turn at least 3 negative thoughts into positive ones. Aim for a week but ill take a few days.

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