How to Combat Bullies in the Office

Typically people at work (especially your bosses) love to see you succeed. But every once in a while you get a lousy ass boss that just plain doesn’t like you or anything you do – especially when you do it well. Over the years I have worked with a few people like this. I like to blame it on my super loud nature and lack of being able to sit still for longer than a goldfish – second.

Any-who, instead of letting all of my anger and frustration get to me and affect my work, I have decided to just work even harder at making their lives absolutely perfect.

1. Do your job and do it well

- Don’t bitch or moan about your job, you’re getting paid to do it. So do everything to your best ability. I don’t care if you wash dishes for a living. Those better be the cleanest plates i’ve ever seen.

2. Kill them with kindness

- There is no better feeling than beating that bully to the punch. If you know they love to complain about the lamest things then be sure to have everything just perfect for them. That face they make when you already bought their favorite cookies before they ask – well, it will just piss them off.

3. Show no fear

- Bullies can smell fear, they love it. I always tend to say too much when talking to my boss. I include mundane details or random tidbits. Get straight to the point. Don’t quiver or jumble your words. Stand strong.

*I may be a bit passive aggressive in my ways but it beats me flipping out at work!

Remember! Don’t let them get to you, don’t let them bring you down. They don’t own you, they don’t make you and they sure as hell wont break you.

Action Item: Do something once a day that scares you

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