A Case for Mondays : Intro

Hi All!!


Today is a fantabulous Monday! So many people view Mondays as something negative. But guess what, they really aren’t. Mondays are perfect for the gym, starting new projects or looking for a new job. :) So here are three great tips/reasons why Mondays aren’t as bad as you think.


1. If you hate Mondays because of work then chances are you just hate your job

- Good News! You can now start looking for a new job. Don’t let fear or bills keep you stuck in that horrible job. I know you’ll work twice as hard for what you want when you have bills to pay and no Cash-Ola coming in. (Crazy advice but someone’s got to light that fire under your butt)

2. Good habits always start on a Monday.

- No one ever started a diet or signed up for the gym on a Friday. So start your freaking week with a smile. Start that meal prep, join a gym, go for a run or write a blog!

3. Mondays are for smiling

- People hate happy people. So lets kill the world with kindness and smile at every negative person you pass on the street today. You’re a happy freaking person. They’ll get over it.


Action Item: Conquer the freaking world.


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